Wrington Vale Skittle League


    Changes for the coming season

  • There will be no cup games this season
  • The game is to be played with 10 players each side.
  • The game will be played in three sets. The first and second sets will have 3 players each side, and the last set will have 4 players each side.
  • Scoring will be as before 2 points for each set and 4 points for the game making a total of 10 points. Drawn sets 1 point each, drawn games 2 points each.
  •     Both teams must observe whatever Covid recommendations are in force at the time of the match
  • Redhill ,Oddbods and Yeomen have withdrawn from the League
  • Zulus have moved to Winscombe Cricket Club
  • Gropers have moved to Redhill
  • Harptree Handlers have moved to Bishop Sutton F.C.l




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